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Neuve Interior Design works across residential, commercial, hospitality, and retail projects, creating bespoke spaces that enrich the human experience.

Neuve's work is informed by elements of art, engineering, environment, sustainability, and economics to form empathetic and cohesive spaces. The studio strives to achieve a rare duality between creative form and commercial viability.

Neuve is driven by the principles of authenticity, consideration and enthusiasm. The studio's approach is to create a unique identity for each project and this authenticity resonates not only in the design solution but in the selection of a natural palette of materials and the sharing of knowledge with craftsmen and women.

From the initial concept right up to the completion of your fitout. Neuve will deliver an efficient workspace to you, on time and on budget.

  • Abe Elomari

    Founder/Principal & Designer

    Abe Elomari comes from a family of wood workers in Morocco. He has a love for material ingredients and digital fabrication.

    Being self taught, Abe is seen as a prestigious industrial designer among his professional peers. Abe is a winner of the 'Creative Morocco 2014' and was a finalist in the 'Creative Business Cup Copenhagen 2014'.

    Abe's philosophy is that the world is poorly designed, and he is on a mission to redesign the design itself.